Volume trays 0.07


Silk trays.
20 row per tray (Our competitors have between 12 and 16 rows per tray)
Easy to take, easy to peel off the strip bande.

Longueur et courbe

C 0.07 MIXTE, C 8mm, C 9mm, C 10mm, C 11mm, C 12mm, C 13mm, C 14mm, C 15mm, C 16mm, D 0.05 MIXTE, D 0.07 MIXTE, D 9 mm, D 10mm, D 11mm, D 12mm, D 13mm, D 14mm, D 15mm, D 16mm, 0.07 D+ MIXTE, D+ 10mm, D+ 11mm, D+ 12mm, D+ 13mm